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A fun, engaging and meaningful approach to children’s Occupational Therapy.

Our Occupational Therapy

At Kids’ Space OT, we provide an individualized and holistic therapy service to enable each child to achieve their goals. Therapy sessions are play based and goal directed. We use your child’s interests and strengths to build on the areas in which they are having difficulties we work closely with the child’s family to identify and treat the underlying difficulties rather than simply practice tasks so that we can build a strong foundation on which to build on. This enables the child not only to develop new skills but also to improve their overall confidence and self-esteem.

Sumita Quinn

Director, Occupational Therapist

Meet the Team

Sumita is the Director of Kids’ Space OT and has 14 years of clinical experience and a love of working with children and their families. She believes in making therapy playful, engaging and fun to work towards building the child’s skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Sumita is experienced in working with children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, address sensory processing difficulties, develop improved emotional regulation and social skills and address feeding difficulties. She has considerable experience working with children with diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Global Developmental Delay, Developmental Coordination Disorder amongst many others.

Over the years, Sumita has attended numerous trainings. Some of these include: Wilbargar Approach to Sensory Defensiveness, Astronaut Training – A Visual Vestibular Approach, SOS approach to Feeding, DIR Floortime, Kinesiotaping Level 1-2, Coop Approach, Handwriting without Tears Kids and Family Rainbow Yoga teacher training and Decoding Autism.

She is also passionate about working with women, especially mums and is Australia’s first and currently only Restore your Core ® teacher.

To find out more about Sumita’s work with women, check out www.aspaceformums.com.au

Laura Ferguson

Occupational Therapist

Laura is a creative, caring and driven Occupational Therapist who believes that therapy should be fun and meaningful for each child. She strives to build strong and positive relationships with the families she works with and provide individualised intervention for each child and family unit. Laura loves to have a laugh and brings humour and a sense of fun with her to all her intervention sessions.

Laura is experienced working with children with a range of needs and can assist with developing gross and fine motor skills including handwriting, addressing sensory processing difficulties, developing independence in self care and life skills, social skills development, emotional regulation and more.

Recently Laura has attended the Traffic Jam in my Brain course, Tony Attwood’s Emotional Management for Children and Teens with ASD, Thinking and Talking about Trauma in Children, Young People and Families conference and DIR Floortime.

Clare Kenyon

Occupational Therapist

Claire is a vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic Occupational Therapist who has a natural ability to connect to children and adults alike. She is driven to find what motivates each child, celebrates their strengths and uses their interests to guide her intervention.

Claire is experienced with addressing sensory processing difficulties, developing social and emotional regulation skills, executive functioning skills, and developing gross and fine motor skills. Claire is passionate about building self-esteem and confidence in the children she works with. Claire has attended professional development in DIR Floortime, Traffic Jam in the brain and Tony Attwood’s conference. Claire is also currently completing certification as a Pilates Instructor with a plan to incorporate Pilates in her work to develop postural control, body awareness and gross motor skills. She shares her time between our Kippax clinic and being based at Canberra Girls Grammar School where Kids’ Space OT provides OT services at the school.

Jess Wallace

Occupational Therapist

Jess is a motivated, passionate and kind Occupational Therapist who strives to make a positive difference to people’s lives.  She loves being able to work with people at an early stage of their life to help develop their potential as they get older. She is passionate about access to education and working with children to develop a child’s ability to participate in education systems. 

Jess is a family-oriented person and values collaborating with the child’s family for the best therapeutic outcomes.  She loves Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney and Marvel and enjoys using the children’s interests to engage them in therapy that is meaningful for them.

Jess can assist in addressing sensory processing difficulties, developing motor skills and increasing independence in self care and every day life activities.  In her spare time, she enjoys Yoga, running and spending time with family and friends.

Ella Cleary

Allied Health Assistant

Ella is a kind, creative and enthusiastic allied health assistant. She loves seeing children feel proud of themselves and building meaningful relationships with families. Ella is passionate about supporting each child’s strengths in a positive environment and building a society that is inclusive of all.

Ella grew up on a farm and loves getting outdoors and into nature. She loves to incorporate humour and fun into her sessions and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. Ella is currently studying Occupational Therapy at the University of Canberra and will graduate in 2022.

Grace Harpley

Allied Health Assistant

Grace is passionate about working with kids and loves seeing where their imagination takes them every day. Grace is motivated in ensuring all kids feel included in their everyday lives and loves using their interests to reach their goals. 

Grace’s goals revolve around ensuring kids have fun when they join her sessions and that everyone involved can have a laugh. Grace is currently studying Occupational Therapy at the University of Canberra and will graduate in 2022.

Chloe Harbison

Allied Health Assistant

Chloe is a creative, motivated, and caring allied health assistant. She loves the excitement and imagination children bring. Chloe is passionate about building meaningful relationships with clients using their strengths to achieve their goals.  

Chloe grew up in the country, loving being outside with animals and the open spaces. She loves to incorporate art and crafts into her sessions, not being afraid to experiment and make a mess in the process. Chloe is currently studying Occupational Therapy at the University of Canberra and will graduate in 2022.  


Emma Noakes

Administrative Officer

Emma is the smiling face you see when you walk through the door. She is approachable, reliable and has a great sense of humour.  Emma keeps the practice organised – from the team members through to client services.

She enjoys connecting with families, whether that be over the phone or face to face. She is available 3 days a week to assist with any questions, queries or concerns you might have, big or small.  As a mum of twin boys, Emma knows what is needed to create a fun and welcoming environment.

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Our Clinic

Our clinic is a fun and engaging space equipped with fantastic equipment, swings and games to ensure your child loves coming to OT.