How we can help

One on One Intervention

One on one intervention may be recommended following your initial assessment. This can take place in the clinic or at school and your OT will make recommendations for the best setting for your individual child. These sessions are play based, fun and engaging for your child while specifically targeted to work towards your child’s goals.

Groups & Workshops

Throughout the year we run various group sessions for kids and workshops for parents.  Group therapy is a wonderful way for children to work on a range of important skills in a really fun environment.  We run different groups to address a variety of areas and we find that many children make amazing progress through group intervention and build beautiful friendships.

Parent workshops are held to provide support and information to parents on various topics regarding your child’s development.  They are fantastic way to arm yourself with understanding and strategies to assist your child with the challenges they may have.

Our Occupational Therapy

At Kids’ Space OT, we provide an individualized and holistic therapy service to enable each child to achieve their goals. Therapy sessions are play based and goal directed. WE use your child’s interests and strengths to build on the areas in which they are having difficulties we work closely with the child’s family to identify and treat the underlying difficulties rather than simply practice tasks so that we can build a strong foundation on which to build on. This enables the child not only to develop new skills but also to improve their overall confidence and self-esteem.

Areas We Address

Gross Motor Skills

Sensory Processing Skills

Develop Social Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Sensory & Emotional Regulation

Mealtime challenges

Occupational Therapy Resources

We’ve created a range of printable resources for parents, therapists and teachers. These resources will help support the learning and development of the children you work with.