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Individual Intervention

Individual intervention is where our OTs work one on one with your child to work towards their goals.  The sessions are play based and we ensure that they are fun and meaningful for your child.  See below for some of the areas we address.

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Gross Motor Skills

We can help develop gross motor skills such as climbing, jumping, swinging ball skills, etc by working on core stability, global strength, bilateral integration and coordination.

Fine Motor Skills

We can help improve the way your child uses their hands, including fine motor coordination and strength, completing tasks daily tasks such as doing up buttons, tying shoelaces and using cutlery and developing the skills required for handwriting.

Sensory Processing Skills

We can look at the way your child processes sensory input such as noise, tactile input or movement and provide strategies to address their individual sensory needs.

Sensory & Emotional Regulation

We use a combination of sensory and cognitive strategies to help your child develop resilience and improved sensory and emotional regulation skills.

Develop Social Skills

Through individual and group intervention, we can help your child develop improved interaction and social skills to be able to develop and maintain friendships and peer relationships.

Mealtime challenges

We use a comprehensive approach to addressing mealtime challenges and can help provide strategies to increase the foods your child will eat.  We provide feeding assessment, one to one intervention, group intervention and parent workshops to work on meal time challenges.

Develop Life Skills

We can help your child develop age appropriate life skills such as getting dressed for school, using cutlery, toileting and developing organisational and planning skills.

What We Offer

Initial Assessments & Reports

Our assessments consist of a combination of carefully selected standardised and observational assessments to determine what areas your child might need further assistance with.  From these assessments and discussion with your family, we are able to set goals, make an individual intervention plan and provide recommendations for your child.  We can also provide comprehensive reports as required.

School Visits

After your initial appointment, your OT will be able to make suggestions as to the best setting to work towards your child’s goals.  If it is determined that the school setting is the best place to provide OT, we will contact your child’s teacher with your permission and arrange a time to visit them at school.  Depending on your child’s needs, we may provide regular OT intervention at school or we may conduct a once off school visit to further guide your child’s intervention. 

Occupational Therapy Resources

Check out our resources page for more information about OT for kids and printable resources to support your child’s development


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Groups & Workshops

Group therapy is a wonderful way for children to work on a range of important skills in a really fun environment.  We run different groups to address a variety of areas and we find that many children make amazing progress through group intervention and build beautiful friendships.